BSopt Project Partners

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The company offers a huge application domain with the respective domain knowledge, but also in organizing business processes and how to base them on a SOA architecture. In such a way it represents a real challenging test bed, where the results can be transferred to other domains, with to some extend lesser complexity. Furthermore, Mediaprint also offers potential possibilities for dissemination far beyond those normally available to research teams.


BOC emerged as a spin-off from the Business Process Management System (BPMS) group at the University of Vienna. Since then, BOC has created a set of tools for business process modeling and management. With their broadly known tool ADONIS, they are a direct competitor of IDS Scheer. In BSopt, ADONIS will be customized to support the BSopt software factory approach. Furthermore, the rest of the consortia will benefit from their knowledge in the fields of meta modeling and modeling business processes internal to a company. ADONIS has also a meta modeling environment by providing an M3 language in order to specify M2 languages for the use within ADONIS. Their knowledge in modeling business processes internal to a company is a great benefit for complementing the UMM with a perspective on internal processes.

Paradigma Unternehmensberatung

Paradigma is a Vienna-based consulting company operating in the fields of retail, e-logistics and the public sector. They already have profound experience in conducting consulting in the media industry by realigning the distribution channels for newspapers and magazines for a customer in Austria. Furthermore, Paradigma has been FIT-IT involved in several EU-funded projects. In one of them, they have successfully employed
the UMM for modeling supply chains. As such, they are actively participating and contributing to UN/CEFACT standardization efforts.

Thomas Gerhardt

In this project the company will use its experience made in working with Mediaprint and its excellent knowledge of the related business processes and specific IT alignment needs. This will be an essential contribution to the BSopt project.

Electronic Commerce Group - TU Vienna

The e-commerce group has a profound experience in research as well as development in the domain of software engineering, information modeling, business process modeling and system design. Of particular importance for the project is the experience of this group in the e-commerce domain with respect to smart business networks and the conceptual integration of business and computers science aspects. More specifically, this refers to business modeling, the definition and modeling of business processes, work flow systems and SOA architecture. In addition, the group is engaged in the Ontourism project, being responsible for semantic domain modeling and the definition of the respective information workflows within an organization.

Business Informatic Group - TU Vienna

The business informatics group has extensive knowledge in the field of modeldriven development. In terms of the project BSopt, their research conducted in the areas of meta modeling, model transformation, model-driven architectures and business process modeling is of high relevance. Currently, the TU-BIG group leads the FIT-IT funded project ModelCVS dealing with meta model transformation. The project ends in December 2007. BSopt will benefit from the knowledge gained during this project. Furthermore, the TU-BIG group undertakes research in business process modeling – especially focusing on implementing inter-organizational processes by using UMM. Christian Huemer supervised the master thesis of Philipp Liegl, Rainer Schuster and Marco Zapletal that also covered the development of a UML profile for UMM and the development of a UMM plug-in for a commercial UML tool. However, the work efforts have shown that a UML profile is not sufficient to cover the UMM semantics. The conclusion is that a DSL meets the requirements of UMM in contrast to a UML profile.

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