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New BSopt tool project available!

Posted by Thomas Motal on April 29, 2010 in BSopt Designer

The BSopt Designer is a graphical modeling tool supporting the BSopt (Business Semantics on top of Process Technology) methodology. It offers an integrated guidance approach starting from business models over business process models down to executable deployment artifacts for a SOA (service-oriented architecture).

It has recently been published as an open-source project and is hosted on Google Code. The project website acts as a central information repository where you can find current information about the BSopt modeling tool. For more information visit the BSopt Designer website.

How to debug an isolated shell

Posted by Thomas Motal on April 15, 2010 in BSopt Designer

When debugging an isolated shell be aware of the debugging configuration of your shell project. The default configuration do not allow to load managed packages (only native symbols are loaded). To enable debugging the configuration has to be changed to “Mixed” (instead of “Auto”) [1].

Steps to accomplish:

  1. Open the properties for your shell project
  2. Go to Configuration Properties -> Debugging Option
  3. Change the Debugger Type property to “Mixed”

This should solve the issue!


First price at the FIT-IT award for BSopt!

Posted by Thomas Motal on April 10, 2008 in General

The BSopt project proposal was awarded with the first price in the category Semantic Systems for the best project proposal submission in 2008.

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